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Future Plans

Before Everything

Before moving to the next step, we have a few things to finish in the Defined Elements of SwiftUI. We need to make sure that the component relationships and interface designs are nearly complete.

Our Current Goal

  • Design component APIs nicely and carefully because we are going to implement them into multiple platforms. Most of the APIs will remain the same sharing between different platforms.
  • We may proceed the development of React Native components at the same time because we need to do the investigations on sharing a similar API design between React Native and SwiftUI.
  • Make needed adjustments to make both platforms look and feel the same.
  • Before the final Beta release, everything in our framework could be an entry of our great component.

More Platforms!

React Native

We are looking for expanding Defined Elements to multiple platforms with similar implementations and developer experiences. So the next step is probably going to land on the continent of React Native.

React Web

After that, we may proceed our works on React Web at the same time once the design of components of Defined Elements on SwiftUI are nearly production-ready.